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My return...lets see how it goes. posted on 10/13/2008

It has been some time since I have recorded my thoughts on this blog, and for now, I am back.  You may be wondering why?  What inspired me to come back to my computer and do this again.  There are a couple of reasons and I’ll get to all of them.


First of all, right now I am sitting with my laptop with the Seahawk football game on.  And I don’t want to watch the game.  It doesn’t help that the Seahawks have not looked good at all this year, but that is not the primary reason (I’m still in love with Washington Husky football and the Seahawks have more wins then them).  I am tired of football and everyday, and I am not exaggerating, I like the game of football less and less.  No joke, everyday.


The game itself is contrived and arbitrary.  Unlike sports like soccer and baseball, the games rules are so complex and complicated.  In baseball, the pitcher throws the ball and the batter tries to hit it.  If he hits it, the players behind the pitcher try to catch it before it hits the ground or by fielding the ball and throwing the batter out at first base.  The core of football is fine.  It’s running, throwing and catching.  But there are so many rules and things like ball placement that are so arbitrary that I don’t like the game.  Not that baseball is without its flaws though.  Did you know that there is not actually a rule in MLB’s rule book that defines what a check swing is?  That’s dumb.

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Good Golly Miss Molly! posted on 07/22/2008

At first I was ecstatic.  A Seattle icon will be the voice of the new Seattle Sounders FC.  Kevin Calabro, in the booth, calling the game, making soccer come alive in Seattle.  But then, I started thinking.  Am I going to like KC calling a soccer match?  When he speaks will I just hear echoes of Sonic basketball?  Am I ready for such a familiar figure donning a different shade of green? 

From a marketing perspective, this is the best move the new franchise could have made.  Calabro is a beloved, respected and trusted broadcaster in the Pacific Northwest.  His voice on the air again will soothe the unsettled stomachs of those still distraught about losing their Sonics.  Others will tune in to watch soccer for the first time just so they can hear the man speak again.  But me, I'm not sure how I'll feel.

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The ESPY's posted on 07/21/2008

I love sports.  That is probably an obvious statement seeing as I do have a sports blog, but I wanted to make that clear before I dig into ESPN’s ESPY awards show.

Let’s be honest, the ESPY’s are incredibly lame.  Just like the NBA all-star game, I liked them when I was 12, but seeing as I am older now, my interest has passed.  Now, just like many lame things, they ESPY's has its moments.  Most notably it’s “images” of the previous year and the Arthur Ashe Award for courage.  Both are great.  Other than that, the entire show is a flop.

The premise is not bad.  Bring a bunch of athletes together to celebrate the previous year in sports.  Unfortunately though, they decide to do this by handing out hokey awards for things like “Best Male Athlete.”  It’s not hokey because it’s lame to be one of the best athletes in the world, but it’s hokey because there is no possible way to compare athletes who compete in different sports.

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All-star weekend...or middle of the week. posted on 07/08/2008

Major League Baseball’s all-star game is approaching and in all honesty, I am kind of excited.  I like baseball’s all-star festivities, especially compared to the other main sports in the U.S.  And if you don’t mind, I’m going to tell you why.  Actually, what do I care if you mind?

 First, the NFL’s Pro Bowl is a joke and everybody knows it.  Nobody wants to play and when they do play, it’s like playing a game of chess, except every piece is a pawn.  You can’t really do anything, you’re just there.  The NFL should continue to pick the team, but the players shouldn't have to play.  What they should do is play a game of flag football.  I know they do some stuff like that, but the flag football should be their main event.  7-on-7 flag football with no contact blocking, just like we played in college intramurals.  I might consider watching it that way.

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Furious posted on 07/03/2008

I am furious.  The Sonics are gone and America doesn't seem to care.  On today's Around the Horn 3 of 4 panelists said the NBA is better off in Oklahoma City.  That statement is ludicrous.

The Sonics were 28th in the league in attendance (as one of the panelist pointed out), but that doesn't mean the city doesn't love their Sonics.  One, they had the second worst record in the NBA and two, they essentially played a lame duck season.  Neither of those is often associated with tremendous attendance figures.

Once again, DO NOT tell me the NBA is better off in Oklahoma City.  The team will help Oklahoma City.  Maybe the franchise will make money than it will in Seattle.  BUT, there is no way anyone can convince me that a new Oklahoma City team is better than a historic Seattle team if the teams were to make the NBA finals.  Stern, the NBA, and fans in the U.S. would rather have a team from Seattle than Oklahoma City in the finals.  Don't lie to me anymore about that.

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