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Entreprenuer...Basketball Junkie...Seattle Native!


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Building relationships, communication, finance management, putting a smile on someone's face!

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Last Days posted on 05/20/2008

Despite the drama surrounding the Seattle Sonics I highly anticipated the NBA Draft Lottery selection today.  I salivated at the possible combination of Beasley and Durant.  However we ended with the the 4th overall pick.  GM Sam Presti should immediately deal this pick for a star or upcoming star who can provide leadership and 4th quarter stability. I'm very high on Chris Duhon, who is an unrestricted free agent this year.  He possess great awareness, defense, three point shooting and is a proven winner.  Jose Calderon is a restricted free agent, but would be worth every penny! Ron Artest is another viable option because of his toughness and experience, however he is definitely a high risk proposition.  The most exciting, pie in the sky scenario would involve bringing in Gilbert Arenas!  Get ready for an interesting off-season...

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